The August 2003 Blackout

10 Things We Did During The Blackout (2003)

by James Enright

1. Crossed Coney Island Avenue without getting hit by cars.

2. Turned on my Playstation then realized it wouldn't work without electricity (duh!)

3. Had Sarah & Anthony & Henry & Isaac over to eat up all the melting ice cream--a pint apiece!

4. Lit a lot of candles.

5. Played charades by candlelight.

6. Laid in the driveway with my dad when it got dark and watched the stars.

7. Walked down to the cut and back with a flashlight.

8. Listened to people walking by on the street late at night when there was no noise.

9. Turned on the TV out of habit then realized it wouldn't work (duh...again).

10. Watched a lot of people listening to the news on their car radio.

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