West Paterson Un-Westernizes!

Today, January 1, 2009, West Paterson, New Jersey, officially became Woodland Park. From the AP Wire: "City fathers in the Passaic County town ... expect the move will increase property values by removing the association with Paterson, its gritty industrial neighbor. The name change follows a narrowly passed November referendum in which voters approved the change by 25 votes. Officials said residents don't need to change their addresses for bills. The borough plans to implement the name change gradually, to spread out the cost of paying for new signs. Workers have placed new logos on municipal vehicles."

The key phrase in the story is obvious: "[T]he move will increase property values." The mayor, Pat Lepore, was quoted as saying after the election: ""Let’s remember that West Paterson is a great town. Woodland Park will be the same great town West Paterson was. We'll just be a lot richer is all."

West Midwood could just as easily become Argyle Heights or Glenwood Ridge or Westminster Park or Rugby Fields. We would just have to bribe a few dozen well placed officials -- way less than New Jersey. Plus, there are no signs to change. Although the name of the West Midwood discussion group and the newsletter and the web site would have to be heavily edited...Oh well, just a thought as we embark on a New Year...

My wife says I have way too much time on my hands and should go back to work tomorrow, but I say that way lies madness!! Why, there's still 37 football games left to watch this weekend.

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