The View From Argyle Heights: And That’s What I Like About West Midwood

September 12, 2010...Been away from home a lot lately which affords me the opportunity to reflect upon what it is I miss about this neighborhood, apart from sleeping in my own bed. So I reduced my thoughts to a ten best list.

10. The cul-de-sac-iness of it all which cuts down on traffic.

9. Quiet Fridays.

8. Neighbors who put your papers on your back porch and watch out for your home.

7. Close to the subway, meaning you don’t need the car for everything.

6. Listening to kids’ squeals when they play in the snow.

5. Quiet Saturdays.

4. Annual Halloween Parade.

3. Annual Progressive Dinner (when I first heard about this event 22 years ago, I thought it was somewhat odd to have a dinner celebrating America’s Progressive Era).

2. Sort of Annual Yard Sale.

1. Did I mention good neighbors?

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