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February 16, 2014  Since December 2008 West Midwood has maintained its own electronic discussion group, sometimes referred to by the geeky term ListServ, generating an average of 20 new topics a month with participation by over 150 different email addresses.

The benefit of this group communication has been evident over the years: it is a quick way to alert neighbors to upcoming local events, to get word out about crime in the area, to post occasional ads about one's home business or unwanted home furnishings for sale and to discuss all sorts of issues ranging from animal life (stray cats, wild dogs, opossum and raccoon sightings) to garbage collection, suspicious door-to-door solicitations, nasty weather, contractors and subway schedules, to name but a few of the topics. To date, there have no postings about Bigfoot or space aliens coming up out of the freight train cut, so we can all be thankful for that.

If you are new to the community or have not yet joined, there is no cost and all you need is Internet access. Simply send an email to JoeAtEnrightdotcom who will then add your email address(es) to the group, usually within 24 hours (this “human gate-keeping” has successfully prevented spam and con artists from sneaking in to our group). Thereafter, the subscriber can send emails to the group at and will automatically receive a copy of every email sent by any other resident/subscriber to that same group address. All of this happens in real time. The guidelines for posting are simple: no course language, be civil, no political or religious discussion and keep it local as much as possible, which pretty much rules out discussions about rodeo riding in Montana.

Also, there is no prohibition against adding multiple email accounts (work and home emails for instance). Some residents use one address to subscribe only to the group so they can participate in real time email exchanges and add a second address to receive a daily digest – the digest is a single email that is generated each day containing all of the previous day's postings. Again, just send an email request to JoeAtEnrightdotcom.

A note about privacy: any member of the group with a Google email account can navigate to and peruse/search the archive of prior postings arranged in chronological order. But rest assured, none of the postings or discussions in our group can be retrieved on the Internet unless you are a member. So what gets discussed in West Midwood, stays in West Midwood.

For those of you who also want to be advised of events throughout the Victorian Flatbush area, you can subscribe to Flatbush Development Corporation's group discussion list by sending an email to The FDC also maintains a classified advertisement email exchange which you can join by simply sending an email to You can also follow FDC's tweets at

Finally, the best daily coverage of our area cab be found on the Ditmas Park Corner Blog, which is managed by West Midwood resident Mary Bakija.  
To subscribe, visit and simply enter your email address in the box in the upper left corner and a daily recap of what's been happening in the area will arrive in your In Box around 6pm every day. For even speedier news updates, you should follow their tweets at And last but not least, is where you'll find handy info about the neighborhood, its history and such, courtesy of the West Midwood Community Association. 

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