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The Attack of The Blogs

This is a quick survey of Blogs that are written by, or for, folks in our neck of the woods. Some blogs (web + log) may start out as shared on-line diaries bursting with ideas and content, only to peter out as the muse is lost. The blogs here are more focused, however. That’s not to say they will be around forever. Or even for a few months. A number of blogs I used to follow have either folded or stopped adding content. Among them are Eli Kramer’s “Brooklyn Junction”, the Kensington blog (silent for four months) and Flatbush Vegan (moved on to “less greener pastures”). So in another year, this list may be as outdated as VHS tapes. City Pragmatist Argyle Road’s favorite son, Alvin Berk, has a wonderful new site that invites discussion on our local governance. While politics can get heated, here the flame simmers at a low level, with the light generated by thoughtful reporting about our civic landscape; no demagoguery or hotheads allowed, thank you very much