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Early Chronicles of West South Midwood In Photos: Then vs. Now (Part 10)

A continuing series continues with this continuation that might be the end...or the end of the beginning...As you will recall in our last thrill-packed image installment which you can find HERE , we displayed photographs that mostly contrasted 1910 locations with today (West South Midwood was built rather quickly, with most of the construction occurring 1904-1905 and you can read about those early days HERE and HERE and HERE ). The images below contrast the same street scenes at many different intervals since 1910.  THIS POST IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION 1910: Foster Avenue From NE Corner of Coney Island Ave, Looking Southeast Towards Westminster Road The corner house above (closest to the wagon) is the rear of 656 Westminster Road (aka 1128 Foster Ave): 2016:  Beige House in Center Survives; Rear Entrance Now Attached Garage 1961: Foster Between Rugby and Marlborough 2016: Foster Between Rugby and Marlborough 1961: Northwest