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Chronicles Stuff Greatest Hits...Or Maybe Not

Greatest History Hits Up To Now... While researching the history of our neighborhood over the last five years, I found stuff that might be interesting to mention at a Flatbush cocktail party.  Or maybe not. 1776 Battle of Brooklyn 1776 Topographical Map -The Colonial Army camped on the John A. Lott Farm in August of 1776, just before the Battle of Brooklyn commenced.  The Lott Farm at that time consisted of 125 acres extending from Paerdegat Point at Nostrand Avenue on a line along Foster Avenue west to Coney Island Avenue, reaching south along the way to Farragut Road, then Glenwood Road and finally to Avenue H (much of the western portion, including Argyle Heights, was woodland).  When Henry Meyer's Germania started developing the Vanderveer farm in the 1890s, his work crews turned up British coins and buttons from British military uniforms. 1868 Map: Lott Farm Extends from Green on Right (Flatlands) to Pink Below (Gravesend) 1868 Map Showing Lott Farm