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Let Us Now Praise Less-Than-Famous Men...West South Midwood Chronicles Part 12

The Saga of Corbin Court John R. Corbin in 1908 New Corbin Court Street Sign At Foster Ave Looking West Historic District Street Sign Fiske Terrace-Midwood Park   In 2008 the City conferred landmark status on Midwood Park and Fiske Terrace, our sister neighborhoods across the Brighton tracks, largely based on the splendor of the residences erected there by John R. Corbin and Thomas Benton Ackerson. The Landmark Commission’s Designation Report devoted considerable ink to these builders’ activities and designs, although the biographical data was somewhat scanty.  This aroused my curiosity.  How many of our 214 houses did these two men build in West Midwood, long considered the most modest corner of Victorian Flatbush?  Where did they live and when did they die? Read It .. Here T. B. Ackerson in 1908 First, research indicates that we have much in common with our neighbors beyond the Cut: Corbin and