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The Stories Your House Could Tell: 37 Dekoven Court

1940 NYC Tax Photo: 37 Dekoven Court The call came on a cold snowy February morning in Brooklyn, but I was in Florida. Damn you, cell phone! “Joe, this is Tori, your new editor.” I was stunned. “What happened to Laura?” The response was grim. “New ownership. And they’re really cheap. Anyway, I’ve got an assignment for you.”  I was ready. Baked to a crisp, I needed some indoor activity to keep me occupied while my skin healed. “We want you to begin a 220-part series by profiling the history of every house in West Midwood, one per issue.” I whistled. By my calculations, that would take 55 years to complete. Lucky thing I was in good health. “Got it, Chief. Where do I start?” The reply was immediate. “Do the Newman-Bilofsky house on Dekoven. I think it’s kind of fishy.” But what if I can’t find anything, I fretted, what will I do if a deadline arrives with no copy to submit? “Get a grip,” Tori ordered, “and get busy!” 1906 Map: Empty Lot in Red Is Today's 37 Dekoven Court