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Early Chronicles of West South Midwood Part 5: FLATBUSH STANCHIONS: FROM PILLAR TO POST In June, the New York City Department of Transportation demolished the twin brick columns at the corner of Foster Avenue and Westminster Road which had stood since 1925.  The demolition was conducted in error and elicited anguished howls of protest by Argyle Heightsians, shocked that their government could act so quickly and efficiently to accomplish its mission. Pillar-Cide! (Photo Courtesy of What could be next?  The bull-dozing of the land-marked Avenue H subway station to build another drug store?   Fearful that Argyle Heights and its rich cultural history of Halloween Parades/Displays, Progressive Dinners, and Dekoven Brunches might secede from the Union, the City mobilized all its resources and erected replacement columns in early September.    Pillar Resurrection on Westminster Road Although we have written about these historic totems