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Early Chronicles (Part 9) 1910 Census Data for West South Midwood

78% of Argyle Heights Residents in 1910 Were Immigrants And/Or Children of Immigrants Note: Data derived from the 1910 Census.  See  Part 8 post for summary of data.  "Oak Crest" was the name used to described the area from the south side of Avenue H to the LIRR cut.  List sorted by house number. Address Name Note Born Year Arrived In USA Parent(s) Immigrants? (Origin) Oak Crest? 1117 Glenwood Road Orin S. Byrd (Renter) 23 year old telegraph operator from Virginia. There were 5 young male boarders residing with him: another telegraph operator (Harold Wiley, age 28), a landscape engineer (age 24), an advertising design artist (age 24), a bookkeeper (age 24), and an 18 year old teenager. A 40 year old housekeeper was also in the home. All 7 occupants were native born to native-born parents. 1121 Glenwood Road David Probstein (Renter) 32 year old diamond merchant who emigrated here from Au