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The Stories Your House Could Tell: 659 Rugby Road

1940 659 Rugby Road By Joe Enright In July of 1903 Captain Frederick C. Dennington, a Spanish-American War veteran, fixed his compass and stretched his chains along Rugby Road. He was standing just south of what had once been a small rural lane that served for 240 years as the southern boundary of the old town of Flatbush, or what the original Dutch settlers called Midwout. Beyond that lane a thick grove of oaks teeming with birds, known as Lott’s Woods, had beckoned generations of adventurous lads. But now the landscape was being rapidly transformed. The lane, Foster Avenue, had recently been enlarged to an 80-foot wide thoroughfare and the trees and brush of the woodland had been leveled, with all the branches and stumps buried in the middle of rectangular blocks of empty land which right now needed the services of a City Surveyor.  1891 Map: Lotts Woods in Green, Stradling Rail Lines Captain Dennington’s view eastward from an empty Rugby Road would have encompas