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Lott's Woods, Hiawatha Road and a 12 Foot Square Boundary Marker

Lott's Woods John A. Lott, Descendant of Dutch Settlers: A Mover-and-Shaker of 19th Century Flatbush. Below: an 1868 Map Shows Lott's Woods ("J.A. Lott") Last year I wrote about Oak Crest, the name given to the area immediately south of Avenue H, which was developed more than five years before West Midwood. I pooh-poohed the notion once advanced by our esteemed West Midwood Community Association President, Linda Howell, that Avenue H might have originally been called "Hiawatha Avenue."  I based this on the absence of such a name in City records or property sales or press accounts. In addition, the Germania realty company which published maps of the area never used such a label.  Although I still maintain that Avenue H was never officially called anything else, I must now admit that I have found a map of our leafy glen, published in 1908, which does contain the name "Hiawatha Road" for the stretch of "H" between Coney