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The Freight Cut News Volume III -- UPDATED OCTOBER 2019

UPDATE (October 16, 2019) Today NY-1 has been  running a story  that claims the MTA has decided to study the Regional Plan Association (RPA) proposal, known as "Triboro Rx," that would share the Bay Ridge freight tracks -- in our neck of the woods, the cut south of Avenue H -- with a new light rail line connecting with 17 other subway/elevated/commuter lines.  October 16, 2019 Report by NY-1 In July 2019 Assemblywoman Latrice Walker representing Brownsville/East New York introduced a bill requiring the MTA to study this two decade old RPA proposal. The bill was sent to Committee months ago where it has languished. I called Ms. Walker's office and they were unaware of this news report, and as of five minutes ago, there has been no MTA press release about this. Moreover the NY-1 reporter stated the MTA would conduct a feasibility study "by the end of the year." HaHaHa! The reason I laugh is that the Port Authority has been studying the feasibility of c