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Stuck Inside of Dekalb With the Newkirk Blues Again

  THE VIEW FROM ARGYLE HEIGHTS February 2013.    "Ladies and gentleman we have red signals in front of us. As soon as those signals clear, we will proceed."   The train was packed.   I was scrunched up against the door.   This announcement left a lot to be desired. Somebody needed to take it to the next level. That would be something on the order of: "The red signals ahead are caused by yet another tree on the tracks, one in a series of 100 trees that have fallen on the Brighton tracks since 2000.” “We are not moving because Godzilla is on the tracks! He's heading this way!!” “Ladies and gentlemen, one word:   Zombies again…I meant two words.” As I type this on my smart phone, I have been stuck on a Q train beneath Prospect Park for some time. I had been debating whether to write something about the subways but I try to be positive in these pieces. Generosity of spirit is uplifting. Ranting and raving is not. But there comes a time. Li