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Manhattan Beach Police Booths, Sam Leibowitz, An Esplanade & Me

Pin: My 1970s Apt . Black: Footbridge . Blue: PD Booths.   Green: Old Leibowitz Home . Red: Esplanade . Manhattan Beach Memories Police Booth On Shore Blvd (2016) In Manhattan Beach, at the southeastern tip of Brooklyn, there are two circular guard booths, abandoned for more than 40 years. They are each about ten feet tall, and four feet in circumference, consisting of brick at the base with boarded-up windows above. They are linked to a quintessential New Yorker, an immigrant who lived equidistant from these two booths until his death in 1978. He is little remembered today but if you were a member of the Greatest Generation, you would have heard his name, seen his picture and read about his exploits many times from the 1920s through the 1960s. He was Samuel Simon Leibowitz, defender of the incredibly innocent Scottsboro Boys and, later, a hanging judge who sometimes had defendants injected with truth serum. On balance I think I could have thrown down a few b