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The West South Midwood Chronicles, Part Two

A STROLL DOWN WEST MIDWOOD's HIDDEN PAST   (The 2nd of 83 Parts) Transportation When not being arrested, another irritant to the original home-owners here was transportation. Since automobiles were not in frequent use, almost everyone relied on the Brighton line of the Brooklyn Rapid Transit (BRT) Company to get around. Soon after the Brooklyn Grade Crossing Commission was created in 1903 by legislators in Albany, controversy hounded the BRT. First, and perhaps not surprisingly, it had opted to go with the lower-cost solution for eliminating grade crossings by building an elevated line through Victorian Flatbush rather than depress the railway below the surface. There is no evidence that Robert Moses was on their payroll at the time.  1905: Brighton train at Ave H station. LIRR track spur far right. The Ackerman sales office visible, left of the train. The Commission, knowing politically influential people when it saw them pounding on their doors, then appointe

West South Midwood (Part One)

The Early Chronicles of West South Midwood                                (Part One) The View From Argyle Heights By Homeowner Harry (Another in a series of observations about life in West Midwood as it is lived today…or maybe not) The neighborhood discussed some topics via that heated up an otherwise cool Summer. The life expectancy of our London Plane Sycamore trees, vehicular traffic/parking, garbage, and noise were among the hot-button items that got our finger tips busy. West Midwood Today. Green Oval at Right is Brooklyn College Athletic Field So I thought it might be useful to look back on our ancestors and see how they dealt with the quality-of-life issues of their day. To do so, I consulted a number of public sources, chief among them the archives of The Brooklyn Historical Society, The New York Times , The NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission, obscure manuscripts, even more obscure Internet sites, and especially the lon