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Parking Meter Memories

November 9, 2010..."Don't follow leaders, watch the parking meters", was playing on my headphones as I got off the subway one very early morning, so, being sleep deprived, I followed Bob Dylan's command and sauntered around West Midwood but no parking meters could I find to watch. So I widened my search and found some in Fiske Terrace along Avenue H and then on the north side of Foster and, of course, Cortelyou Road was aswim with the ugly metallic monsters. But none in West Midwood. I'm not sure what, if any, significance this has, but there you have it. During my sIeepy walk, I did see a car with a parking ticket on its windshield, and it set my mind a-wandering...It was back in 1986, and I had just been air-lifted into the Parking Violations Bureau which back then was located on top of the old Wannamaker building in Greenwich Village. There had been a big BIG scandal involving the letting of very very BIG contracts and one day I found myself in a dusty da

The View From Argyle Heights: And That’s What I Like About West Midwood

September 12, 2010...Been away from home a lot lately which affords me the opportunity to reflect upon what it is I miss about this neighborhood, apart from sleeping in my own bed. So I reduced my thoughts to a ten best list. 10. The cul-de-sac-iness of it all which cuts down on traffic. 9. Quiet Fridays. 8. Neighbors who put your papers on your back porch and watch out for your home. 7. Close to the subway, meaning you don’t need the car for everything. 6. Listening to kids’ squeals when they play in the snow. 5. Quiet Saturdays. 4. Annual Halloween Parade. 3. Annual Progressive Dinner (when I first heard about this event 22 years ago, I thought it was somewhat odd to have a dinner celebrating America’s Progressive Era). 2. Sort of Annual Yard Sale. 1. Did I mention good neighbors?

I Walk Alone...Or Do I?

October 25, 2009... I had been working odd hours for weeks, taking trains home at 3am, 5am and the like. Sometimes the Q but usually the F because it seemed to run more frequently then, although it was a longer walk home. The front exit of the F train stop at 18th Ave is at Parkville and McDonald Avenues, a mere half block to Foster.  Since McDonald is the equivalent of East 0 Street, walking to Argyle Road, the equivalent of East 13th Street, is almost a mile when you count in the other north-south blocks. However, there are 16 stops from the West 4th Street station in Manhattan to 18th Avenue on the F, vs. 8 stops on the B to Newkirk.  Bummer. Especially when there's some crazy dude in your car screaming about the gypsies eating his hair. Tuning the crazy guy out, I remember when there used to be a freight train that ran along the trolly tracks on McDonald Avenue, underneath the El, until the 1970's.  Prior to the El being built around 1920, the grade level service was call