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Early Chronicles of West South Midwood Part 6 - Oak Crest A Co-Op and Four Corners in Old Brooklyn

From The T.B. Ackerson Brochure--West South Midwood in 1903.  Oak Crest Is On The Horizon. Early Chronicles of West South Midwood   Part  6: Oak Crest, A Co-Op and Brooklyn's Four Corners In researching the history of our small enclave here, I came across Germani a realty maps from 1900 to 1910 that contained a name I had never seen before.  While the area south of Foster Avenue from Flatbush to Coney Island Avenues was familiarly labeled “South Midwood”, from Avenue H southward the name “Oak Crest” appeared.    190 6: Note "Oak Crest" (Upper Right) Note the LIRR Manhattan Beach Excursion Line Tracks in Upper Right Corner. The Four Digit Numbers Are The Block #s Assigned by the City's Building Department Which Have Remained The Same Since 1900. "Hiawatha Road" Appears as AKA for Ave H on This 1908 Bromley Realty Map   Book Excerpt References Above Map But Perpetuates Myth of The Oak "Hotel" (Buil