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Summer Reading

The View From Argyle Heights: Reading & Writing & Even Some Arithmetic by Homeowner Harry (Another in a series of observations about life in West Midwood as it is lived today…or maybe not) May 13, 2011...The beach and vacations beckon! So it’s time to think about what books we want to take with us. Or in my case, which books I will stuff in my suitcase intending to devour … only to experience the guilt and shame two weeks later as I re-pack them, untouched, for the return trip home, having read nothing longer than a Mets box score. As I pondered the question of what I should pretend to read this Summer, it occurred to me that we have a number of published writers in our neighborhood and maybe I should seek out their guidance. Then, as it turned out, there were so many, I had to narrow it down to just those inhabitants of our leafy glen with a published book available on Amazon. That bottom line qualification ruled out many with journal articles, blogs and other writing cre