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The Freight Cut News Volume II: Cross Harbor Tunnel vs. Cross Boro Rail vs. Cross Brooklyn Highway vs. Linear City

              WHITHER  THE  CUT? As we outlined in the first excruciatingly  long installment  of this saga, the Cross Harbor Freight Program is the initiative to substantially increase tonnage moved on the Bay Ridge freight line along Argyle Height's southern border. The impetus has always been to decrease truck traffic clogging city arteries caused by the absence of a direct freight rail connection across the Hudson River.   BOTTOM LINE UP FRONT: Another study overseen by the Port Authority will be undertaken to decide between building a tunnel from Bay Ridge to Jersey City OR expanding the use of an existing rail barge in Bay Ridge...AND to determine the exact cost and what steps will be necessary to alleviate the impacts on residents within 1,000 yards of the Cut caused by dramatically increased rail traffic. But let's face it: the fix is in. The powers that be want a Tunnel. The web site devoted to the May 2017 announcement of the new study mentions "tunnel&

The Freight Cut News: Volume 1

News of The Cut, Volume 1: Let's Do The Selkirk Hurdle, Ya'all! On May 5, 2017 Governor Cuomo, Port Authority CEO Patrick Foye and Congressman Jerold Nadler announced a final study  would be conducted of a proposed  high-speed freight train service through the Cut . It's been a while since I wrote about the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) trench that forms the southern border of Argyle Heights (also known by its BOR-ING name of West Midwood). Of course, the same trench also forms an imposing boundary for Fiske Terrace, Parkville, Brooklyn College and so many other neighborhoods as the Cut traverses its 14-mile swath from the rail barge float at the foot of 65th Street in Bay Ridge to the Fresh Pond yards in Maspeth . Looking East from Trench Below Argyle Road 65th Street Rail Barge: End of the Line Hell Gate Bridge Over The East River: Rail Link to New England but Not To Trans-Hudson America Fresh Pond