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Retirement Type Situation in Argyle Heights

On Retirement When you're on the far side of 66, and the latest in a seemingly endless series of reorganizations and work flow “enhancements” is announced by your boss, the mind obviously wanders toward the idea of retirement.  So the first thing you do is the math. The pension, the 401k, the savings, the social security: will it all add up to a sustainable income? And do I have a fall-back if an emergency strikes? But inertia is a strong force, so you press on until one day you're stuck on a B train delayed again by switch problems at Prospect Park. How could these switches, replaced so many times, continue to break down so often? Could it be the ghosts of the Malbone Street Wreck of 1918 when 93 souls perished only yards from the switch?  Maybe the MTA should call in the Ghost Hunting Adventurers from cable TV and they could yell at the switch and get the ghosts to leave or something.  My fantasizing was interrupted, however, by a Blackberry message fr

Argyle Heightsians Discussion Group

West-Midwood-OnLine February 16, 2014   Since December 2008 West Midwood has maintained its own electronic discussion group, sometimes referred to by the geeky term ListServ, generating an average of 20 new topics a month with participation by over 150 different email addresses. The benefit of this group communication has been evident over the years: it is a quick way to alert neighbors to upcoming local events, to get word out about crime in the area, to post occasional ads about one's home business or unwanted home furnishings for sale and to discuss all sorts of issues ranging from animal life (stray cats, wild dogs, opossum and raccoon sightings) to garbage collection, suspicious door-to-door solicitations, nasty weather, contractors and subway schedules, to name but a few of the topics. To date, there have no postings about Bigfoot or space aliens coming up out of the freight train cut, so we can all be thankful for that. If you are new to the community or