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West South Midwood (Part One)

The Early Chronicles of West South Midwood                                (Part One) The View From Argyle Heights By Homeowner Harry (Another in a series of observations about life in West Midwood as it is lived today…or maybe not) The neighborhood discussed some topics via that heated up an otherwise cool Summer. The life expectancy of our London Plane Sycamore trees, vehicular traffic/parking, garbage, and noise were among the hot-button items that got our finger tips busy. West Midwood Today. Green Oval at Right is Brooklyn College Athletic Field So I thought it might be useful to look back on our ancestors and see how they dealt with the quality-of-life issues of their day. To do so, I consulted a number of public sources, chief among them the archives of The Brooklyn Historical Society, The New York Times , The NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission, obscure manuscripts, even more obscure Internet sites, and especially the lon

West South Midwood Chronicles, Part 11

Richard Dutton and West South Midwood Richard Dutton Article Back in the Fall of 1988, having just recently fled the rapidly upscaling Park Slope, we were welcomed to the neighborhood by Melanie Oeser who left us a goodie bag with an old copy of the Flatbush Development Corporation newsletter.  On page 10 was a list of phone numbers for representatives from each neighborhood association (the West Midwood contact was Mike Weiss and his phone is the same number at which I contacted him a couple of weeks ago, proving that some things DO remain the same in these parts).  Above the list was an old photo of the church across the street from our house.  And next to the photo was an interesting article written about the early history of West Midwood which I don't recall reading at the time, but I must have liked it because I tore that page out and stuck it in a book about the 1986 Mets...from whence it surprisingly tumbled out two weeks ago as I looked up some stats during the Cubs